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Our speakers will cover topics including:

LANSING UPDATE with our insider Justin Dunaskiss

MMFLA PROGRAM UPDATE with Manager of the MMFLA's Applications Department, Kris Jordan

MUNICIPAL RELATIONS with our expert Tom Reif

CORPORATE INSURANCE with industry leader Quintin Meek

CORPORATE BANKING flying in from California, Lisa Jander of Fusion Bank

The Conference includes a fantastic lunch and a special after party at the downtown Bay City headquarters of the Michigan Marijuana Licensing Experts.

Speaker: Lisa Jander, Fusion Bank

As the Director of Account Services for Fusion Bank, Ms. Jander interfaces with the client to move them through the onboarding process. Lisa Jander has ben a part of Fusion Bank from its inception and is the liaison between the compliance team and upper management while monitoring the features and functions of the banking platform.


Fusion Bank Info Site:


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Speaker: Kris Jordan, BMMR

Ms. Jordan is the Manager of the applications department at the Michigan Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation, a division of the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. She oversees the MMFLA application process and is most familiar with how those applications are evaluated, screened and checked for accuracy. She joins the MICBD Group to present for the first time in Bay City.

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Networking Coordinator: Anne Schultz, Schultz PR Media

Anne coordinated out Networking Lunch event at a previous MICBD Conference in Detroit. It was a big success, and we are bringing that opportunity back to the Lansing Conference.
Learn about the seminar topics!

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The Laws Have Changed! Stay Updated!

Michigan has adopted a new series of laws regulating the growth, processing, testing and distribution of medical marijuana. The current medical marijuana program has nearly 200,000 patients and approx. 50,000 caregivers registered with the state.

How will these new laws change the way medical marijuana is distributed? What role does the local government have in deciding who gets licenses? Will YOU qualify for one of the various business opportunities available?

Visit the experts and ask them yourself! In Bay City, get an update on the applications process from the Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation's Manager of the Application Process. The Conference is the place to find the answers to (almost) all of your questions!



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