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Speaker: Rep. Yousef Rabhi

A Democrat from Ann Arbor, Rep. Rabhi recently introduced House Bill 5014. It would protect cannabis businesses from being forced to close during the MMFLA rollout process.
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Speaker: Allison Ireton, Attorney

Allison Ireton is a cannabis business attorney at Ann Arbor's Huron Valley Law Associates P.C. with a background in health care law.  She is also one of the co-founders of Bloom City Club in Ann Arbor and co-chairs the Ann Arbor chapter of Women Grow.  She routinely advises aspiring entrepreneurs on the challenges and hurdles to entering this market.
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The Laws Have Changed! Stay Updated!

Michigan has adopted a new series of laws regulating the growth, processing, testing and distribution of medical marijuana. The current medical marijuana program has nearly 200,000 patients and approx. 50,000 caregivers registered with the state.

How will these new laws change the way medical marijuana is distributed? What role does the local government have in deciding who gets licenses? Will YOU qualify for one of the various business opportunities available?

Visit the experts and ask them yourself! In ANn Arbor, discover where you might fit in with the new cannabis business employment scene, and learn how to get ordinances passed by your local community. In Lansing, gear up for the initial application turn-in date with a group of experts in their fields. Our Ann Arbor conference will feature a presentation by the Director of LARA, Shelly Edgerton. The Conference is the place to find the answers to (almost) all of your questions!



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