Lisa Jander, Fusion Bank

Closed Loop Payments and Banking Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

As the Director of Account Services for Fusion Bank, Ms. Jander interfaces with the client to move them through the onboarding process. Lisa Jander has ben a part of Fusion Bank from its inception and is the liaison between the compliance team and upper management while monitoring the features and functions of the banking platform.


Fusion Bank Info Site:


Justin Dunaskiss, Lobbyist

An In-Depth Look At The New Law

Justin is the principal at Dunaskiss Consulting and Development, Inc. Justin has been supporting the MICBD Conferences from early on, and he delivers a crucial element in our Conference format: he gives an hour-long overview of the entire MMFLA, including insights as to how things were done during the drafting process (he was there) and how things are evolving in Lansing today (because he IS there!). Justin is one of the most in-demand speakers at our Conferences and is very generous with his time for extra questions. 


Speaker: Quintin Meek, Cannabis 360 Insurance

Insuring Your Cannabis Business

Insurance for your retail business, cultivation center or transport service can be difficult to obtain- and ancillary businesses have difficulty, too! Quintin can share with you the range of solutions available in the industry and the latest news on Lansing insurance requirements.

Host: Rick Thompson, Emcee

Event Creator and Emcee

As a man with a variety of experience, Rick Thompson can discuss any aspect of the new laws- or Michigan's medical marijuana history- with confidence. Winner of the Citizen Activist of the Year - U.S.A.- Award and awarded the title of Journalist of the Year, Thompson has been involved in cannabis law reform and cannabis publishing industries for years.

Host: Jamie Lowell

Jamie has been involved with marijuana law reform since the medical marijuana law passed in Michigan. In 2009 he co-founded the first medical marijuana dispensary to be licensed by any governmental unit east of the Mississippi River in the United States. 3rd Coast, in Ypsilanti, is still in operation and Lowell is still making inroads in marijuana law reform. He's on the Board of the MILegalize2018 group, and is a top organizer and fundraiser.


Segment Director: Anne Schultz

Anne Schultz has been an educator, writer, and photographer over the last ten years. She has taught Communication and Public Speaking at Saginaw Valley State University and Delta College and her work has been published in the Flint Journal, Detroit Free Press, Detroit Live Magazine, Culture Magazine, and Maximum Yield. She has worked with several industry manufacturers, organizations, and publications and has launched Schultz PR | Media where she will continue to focus on community partnerships, strategic sponsorships, grassroots outreach, media content, and business development. Anne holds a Bachelor’s degree from Saginaw Valley State University in English and a Master’s degree in Public Relations and Organizational Communication from Wayne State University.