MICBD Presents: MMFLA Application Deadline Event

Join Michigan’s premiere cannabis business conference series on December 3rd in Lansing at the Radisson Hotel. December 15 is rapidly approaching- that’s the start of the application process for the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act program. Rules are being announced in pieces; October was filled with press releases (two in one week) detailing the regulations governing the new medical marijuana business program created by the legislature in 2016. 

Who should attend: 

  • 1. those who want to own a medcal marijuana cultivation, distribution, processing, transporting or testing business in Michigan EVER
  • 2. anyone who wants to work in those indstries
  • 3. anyone involved in ancillary businesses, like medical certifications, packaging companies, insurance firms, attorneys, CPAs, security services, building construction industry- you get the idea.
  • 4. anyone who is an elected official or member of a Planning and Zoning committee and will be required to make decisions about the MMFLA in their home town

The MMFLA Application Deadline Event is brought to you by the Michigan Cannabis Business Development Group. Our conferences have receieved widespread media coverage and are famed for the quality of presenters and excellent food/location.  

The Lansing Conference features as speakers Justin Dunaskiss (Dunaskiss Consulting and Development), Paul Samways (Cannabis Accounting Incorporated) and Paula Givens (Michigan Marijuana Law Experts). 

As the December 15 deadline approaches for applications to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act program, give yourself the edge by staying in touch with industry leaders and Lansing insiders. Learn the hidden details of the application process from experts. Gain insight into what LARA and the Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation may be looking for, and make those crucial last-minute corrections to your application.  

Check out the media coverage from the most recent MICBD event in Ann Arbor: