MMFLA Application Primer and Participant Conference


MICBD presents a mini-session for MMFLA applicants and those who are struggling to figure out where they fit in with Michigan’s new medical marijuana business environment. Our 4-hour session will give an intense overview of the five different businesses, the requirements for ownership of each, and the possibilities for employment in each industry.  

Speaking at this MICBD Conference will be: Director of LARA, Shelly Edgerton and Rep. Yousef Rabhi (D-Ann Arbor)

The Kensington Hotel is a wonderful venue, and the location should be easy for everyone to get to. 

This event is supported by Grow Green Consulting!  

This event stands out from our previous MICBD Conferences in Lansing, Flint, Detroit and Traverse City in the following ways:

* This is our most brief event yet, running from noon until 4pm

* This is our least expensive Conference to date, with tickets at just $100.  

* This will be our first Conference without a formal meal served, although there will be refreshments and snacks available throughout the day

* The timing could not be better for this event, as it will be just after the October meeting of the Licensing Board. 

* This event focuses attention on the ways in which applicants can appeal to their local communities to pass ordinances, and how to connect potential employees with potential employers. 

We have exciting speakers, including Craig Aronoff from the Cannabis Legal Group, Allison Ireton from Huron Valley Law, and Justin Dunaskiss of Dunaskiss Consulting and Development Inc. When Ms. Edgerton spoke at the last MICBD event it was the most talked-about portion of the Conference- and for good reason! Don’t rely on second-hand information, be THERE and listen to the decision makers discuss the industry’s future.