The Kensington and Radisson Hotels are both elegant places to learn and network

Both upcoming Conferences feature a great location AND some fantastic seminar speakers.

The Kensington Hotel in Ann Arbor boasts a large ballroom and modern updates. It offers large spaces for private conversations and is close to Ann Arbor's more famous landmarks and attractions.

The MICBD Group is proud to return to Lansing and is pleased to offer a Conference at the Radisson Hotel. The Radisson's elegant service, fantastic venue and incredible food stood out at our 2016 Lansing conference at the hotel. Our full Conference, with lunch and all the goodies, is sure to be just as memorable this time around!


Seminars with information you need to know

The Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act requires the state to begin accepting applications for businesses on December 15. Those applications must be from groups who have a city ordinance in place and have approved the zoning of the business being applied for.

In order to assist potential license applicants, our Ann Arbor conference will focus on how to secure an ordinance from your local community. Also on the agenda for Ann Arbor: a discussion about the employment opportunities available with those future businesses.

In Lansing, our Conference will take place just before the start date for license application. We'll have a full Conference and discuss the necessary components for successful filing, the time periods involved and how things progressed with similar rollouts on a national level.


Arrive early- Stay late!

Information is the main reason for most of us to attend the Conference, but you can't deny the value of NETWORKING! Every attendee will be treated to refreshments served by the hotel's catering service, and that includes the pre-registration networking mixer. Even after the microphones are turned off, lingering to enjoy coffee and conversation is a must at a Conference of this size. The food at MICBD events is always special- those who attended the 2015, 2016 or 2017 Conferences will attest to it! Refreshments will be available to attendees throughout the Conference, and a fabulous lunch will be served for everyone during the Lansing event. This is a great time to network with the Seminar presenters, too!


Speaker: LARA Director Shelly Edgerton

Shelly Edgerton is the Director of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Prior to joining LARA, Ms. Edgerton dedicated 27 years of service to the state Legislature where she served most recently in the capacity of Deputy Senate Majority Counsel in the Senate Majority Policy Office. She also previously held titles of Assistant Senate Majority Counsel and Chief of Staff for Senator Dave Honigman.


Speaker: Allison Ireton, Attorney

Allison Ireton, Attorney

Allison Ireton is a cannabis business attorney at Ann Arbor's Huron Valley Law Associates P.C. with a background in health care law.  She is also one of the co-founders of Bloom City Club in Ann Arbor and co-chairs the Ann Arbor chapter of Women Grow.  She routinely advises aspiring entrepreneurs on the challenges and hurdles to entering this market.

Speaker: Justin Dunaskiss, Dunaskiss Consulting and Development

Justin is the principal at Dunaskiss Consulting and Development, Inc. Justin has been supporting the MICBD Conferences from early on, and he delivers a crucial element in our Conference format: he gives an hour-long overview of the entire MMFLA, including insights as to how things were done during the drafting process (he was there) and how things are evolving in Lansing today (because he IS there!). Justin is one of the most in-demand speakers at our Conferences and is very generous with his time for extra questions. He will be featured at both the Ann Arbor and Lansing conferences. 


Event Founder and Emcee: Rick Thompson

Rick Thompson is the host of the Understanding seminar, as he was for the Michigan Cannabis Business Development Conference last year. An award-winning journalist, a celebrated activist, and a professional photographer, Thompson has been involved in the medical marijuana business community since 2009. He currently sits on the Boards of the MINORML and MILegalize organizations and is the Editor of The Compassion Chronicles.

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