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The MICBD Conference series continues with our 2019 Michigan Patient and Caregiver Conference and Expo! The Lansing Radisson Hotel will host the Conference. As with all MICBD Conferences, we will be featuring knowledgeable speakers, wonderful vendors and exciting topics.

We feature exciting and educated speakers at all of our MICBD Conferences. 

On the deck: Director Andrew Brisbo of the Marijuana Regulatory Agency, Michael Komorn of Komorn Law, and so much more!

If you are a patient, caregiver or just an interested observer and want to know more about the marijuana industry in Michigan- THIS IS THE CONFERENCE FOR YOU!

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Host: Rick Thompson, Michigan Cannabis Industries Report

In addition to being the publisher of the Michigan Cannabis Industries Report and a principal in the MICBD Group, Rick is on the Boards of several statewide cannabis groups, including the Cannabis Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party. As a journalist, Rick authored a piece for the August 2015 issue of High Times Magazine called, "The Sun Rises on Hemp." Link

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Co-Host: Jamie Lowell

Jamie is a principal in the MICBD Group and has co-hosted each Conference. His industry knowledge and contacts are the reasons why he is in demand as a consultant and speaker. Winner of High Times Magazine's Trailblazer Award, Jamie was an author of Michigan Proposal 1, which brought legalized cannabis to Michigan in 2018. His credits are too extensive to list here.

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Featured Speaker: Andrew Brisbo, Director, Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency

The top individual in the state's cannabis licensing and enforcement division, the Marijuana Regulatory Agency. Director Brisbo will discuss the timetable for the roll out of the legalized cannabis industry, describe the changes made in the MRA since the governor created the special agency, examine how the hemp industry interacts with the MMFLA, and update the state on the progress being made in launching the medical cannabis business program.

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The Laws Have Changed! Stay Updated!

Michigan has adopted a new series of laws regulating the growth, processing, testing and distribution of medical marijuana. The current medical marijuana program has nearly 300,000 patients and approx. 50,000 caregivers registered with the state.

Legalization of cannabis in Michigan opens the market to approx. 7 million adults. Hemp farming offers opportunities to thousands of families in Michigan. The industry is wide open.

How will these new laws change the way medical and adult-use marijuana is distributed? What role does the local government have in deciding who gets licenses? Will YOU qualify for one of the various business opportunities available?

Visit the experts and ask them yourself! The Conference is the place to find the answers to (almost) all of your questions!



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