Michigan Hemp Conference

The Michigan Cannabis Business Development Group is proud to announce a partnership with the Michigan Hemp Industries Association for the Michigan Hemp Conference on March 17!

Presenting at the Michigan Hemp Conference: Joshua Barrett. 

Some of you may know Josh from his veteran’s organization Odin’s Outcasts, but he is the real deal when it comes to hemp and the new field of American agriculture. He is ALREADY doing this very thing in other states. His experience is unparalleled. 

If you want to know how may acres are needed to cultivate hemp; what the average market price for hemp is; what the current mechanism for hemp sales in the United States; how much money each acre of hemp yields; what are the investment costs needed for hemp agriculture; what are the planting techniques, the crop schedule and the number of crops harvestable per year- THIS IS THE GUY TO ANSWER THOSE QUESTIONS!

Also speaking at the Hemp Conference: reknowned Michigan criminal defense attorney Michael Komorn, representing the Michigan Hemp Industries Association. You will learn what advantages are available through the national Hemp Industries Association and you can join on the spot!

Attorney Josh Colton is speaking at the Michigan Hemp Conference. He’ll bring his knowledge of the emergent federal laws regarding the hemp industry and discuss the effect of decriminalization, the legality of CBD medicines and how Michigan processors and farmers can get involved in the CBD marketplace.  

Be a leader. Learn from the best. Join us at the Michigan Hemp Conference! Get your tickets today! 

About the Conference: 

In December of 2018 Michigan’s legislature and the federal Congress each passed legislation which decriminalized and created a marketplace for industrial hemp. Join the experts and learn how the state and federal laws interact, learn what dollar amount you can expect to yield from a single acre of hemp, explore the process of licensing your hemp farm and look into the advantages being an ancillary industry to the hemp community can bring. 

Our connection to the state government, to legislative leaders and to industry giants is second to none. This Conference is an affordable way to learn if the hemp industry is right for you! 

Our 4-hour session will feature refreshments and snacks. Sponsorship opportunities are available, too. Contact us today to learn how you can participate and get your message out there! 

About Michigan Cannabis Business Development Group: 

We are Michigan’s premiere company offering small business seminars for the cannabis industry. Since 2015 we have held 9 Conferences at hotels and university properties in Detroit, Lansing, Flint, Bay City, Traverse City and Ann Arbor. Our speakers have included the Director of LARA, the Director of Bureau of Marijuana Regulation, the Attorney General of Michigan, House Representatives, attorneys, businesspersons, City Council members, CPAs and other professionals. Our events have been covered by ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC affiliates, the Detroit News, Detroit Free Press and many other leading newspapers/media outlets in Michigan. Learn more at MICBD.com