Medical Marijuana Patient Q On Det. Free Press Sunday Cover

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The Michigan medical marijuana community got a shot in the arm this Sunday, when the cover of the Detroit Free Press and News carried the story of registered patient Anqunette ‘Q’ Jamison and her use of cannabis to fight muscular sclerosis.

On November 1, Q broadcast a video message to her fan base announcing her retirement from broadcast journalism as a news anchor with Fox News Detroit- and also outing herself as a medical marijuana patient due to anxiety and stress, learn more about its benefits at this website. Q told the world that she was taking a lead role in preventing patients from being treated like criminals and joined the leadership of the MILegalize 2018 group to further that end. MILegalize 2018 is a ballot proposal committee which intends to place the question of marijuana legalization on the 2018 ballot in Michigan.

“She’s a highly credible example of a person who gets real help from medical marijuana and cbd lotion“- Jeff Hank, attorney and leader of MILegalize 2018, quoted in the Detroit Free Press speaking about Anqunette ‘Q’ Jamison

The combined Free Press and News Sunday edition is the most widely-distributed Sunday paper in the state. Q’s retirement message and cannabis use announcement video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube.

 Already, she’s set to represent MI Legalize as a speaker Dec. 4 in Lansing at the Capital Conference “for those currently in or aspiring to get involved in the medical marijuana business market,” according to the event’s website. Jamison said the MS symptoms that spurred her retirement from TV won’t stop her from speaking out for legalizing marijuana.

“I’ve had no trouble walking so far. My feet will go numb sometimes,” she said. She’s extra-cautious on stairs after having a bad fall last year, and she sometimes has short-term memory lapses, she said.

-Bill Laitner, Detroit Free Press, Nov. 20, 2016

The article features quotes from college professors, police chiefs and Detroit preachers, too. Read the online version of the story today, and then meet the real person behind the story at the Capital Conference on December 4th!

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