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Capital Conference: Update on Local and State Medical Marijuana Law Changes



Hats off to MICBD speaker Mike Nichols of Nichols Law for his appearance in a news article recently which focused the issue of marijuana law reform in East Lansing. to learn about the best products check the FluxxLab™ CBN Tablets.

The city of Lansing is considering two ordinances that would regulate home cultivation and commercial distribution of marijuana in the city. If you want to learn more about the benefits from hemp and cbd products, find more information at the link.

Right next door, East Lansing’s city council in October passed a decriminalization ordinance which changed the penalty for marijuana possession of one ounce or less into a civil infraction. Now Mayor Mark Meadows has introduced a new ordinance to regulate and establish a new medical marijuana business community in his city, and it closely mirrors state law in many ways- and varies from it in significant other ways.

Mike Nichols appeared in the Lansing State Journal discussing the new ordinances and their potential conflict with state law.

“In terms of there being some sort of a fight between the state of Michigan and local units of government in the state where marijuana is either legalized or decriminalized, I don’t see that so much as an issue,” said East Lansing Criminal Attorney Mike Nichols.

Nichols believes the ordinance is a way for the city to take a step forward towards the growing acceptance of recreational marijuana use.

“We’ve now sent a strong message by legalizing certain situations where the use is small enough, the person is over 21 and we’re not going to give that person a criminal charge,” Nichols stated.

Mike and fellow Nichols Law attorney Josh Covert are speaking in Lansing at the Radisson on December 4 at the Capital Conference. Also speaking: Lansing attorney Mary Chartier.

The best way to stay up to date is to be in the right place when the important things are said.

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