What Is An Academy Funding Agreement

In addition to your funding agreement, you must complete a memorandum and status. The Academy Foundation must also fulfil the basic conditions of aid so that more advice is available for the transformation into an academy and the opening of a free school. High schools wishing to convert to an academy should use standard choice documents. The quickest way to find the Academy you`re looking for is to enter your name in the “By the name of school or city” search area on the Performance Tables homepage and click on the search. Established Academy trusts considering updating their current funding agreement to the latest model should contact us via the DEFA online application form. If the Academy you are looking at is not accompanied by a funding contract, please contact us by clicking here and filling out the form. If you form a multi-academy trust fund, you use the master financing contract for the Trust as a whole. Each of the Foundation`s schools will then use the corresponding supplementary funding agreement. Single Funding Agreement and Master Funding Agreement For more details on the additional changes and provisions added to the revised funding agreements, as well as changes to existing funding agreements prior to the June 2014 release, please contact us. If you need advice or assistance in determining changes to your funding agreements and/or governance training to ensure compliance with the new governance requirements, please contact Chris Billington on 0113 244 6100. Always receive the funding contract for the Academy you are dealing with. Funding agreements are no longer available via a link. To obtain the funding agreement, look for the Academy in reference to its full name in the performance section of the Department of Education (DfE) Site.

Or ask the Academy to provide a copy under the Freedom of Information Act. You have 20 days to respond. You can charge it in accordance with FoI regulations, but this can only be the actual cost of providing the information and cannot exceed 50 or 10 usd if the information does not contain a child`s educational record. Two significant changes have been identified. These include additional formulations of the teacher and staff clause after the 2017 Children`s Employment and Social Work Act comes into force; The MAT must appoint a school staff member to promote the educational success of a student in the care of the local authority and now it also counts students who are no longer in the care of the local authority.