Zero Card Agreement

5 To qualify for the 3-month interest-free period, you must make the minimum payment until the due date. Otherwise, the interest rate applicable in our service plan and tariff (PDF, 237 KB) applies. The 3-month interest-free period is only available to new HSBC credit card holders. In case of losses not attributable to the fault of the cardholder and/or in the case of a force majeure agreement. According to the findings of the investigation, the Bank reports to the cardholder within 5 working days of notification of the results of the investigation and the resolution of the complaint. After the review procedure has expired, the fourth complaint (04), but the cause or fault of the party has not been established, within the next 15 business days, the bank will agree with the cardholder on the handling options. All card transactions that are assigned to currencies other than Vietnam Dong will be debited from the card account after conversion to Vietnam Dong (at an exchange rate determined by the exchange rate adopted by MasterCard), plus the cross-border fees charged by the bank in card schedule fees. The loss, theft or misuse of a card or PIN (collectively known as a “worn-out card”) must be reported immediately after the discovery at the bank`s branches, the business unit from which the cardholder has applied, or the 24/7 hotline on the telephone number on VIB`s public website. Under federal law, credit card issuers are largely responsible for managing credit card fraud. The cardholder`s liability for losses is limited to a maximum of $50.

The zero liability policy eliminates even this potential for loss. In the context of the provision of credit card services, the bank may be required to record the cardholder`s oral instructions and/or oral communication between the cardholder and the bank regarding these services. The new credit card chip technology thwarts a tactic, but many other fraudulent systems continue. With the terms and conditions of the VIB credit card application with the credit card application master form, credit card authorization notice, account statement, request for the creation of card service credits. In the case of criminal offences, the bank declares the competent public authority in accordance with the provisions of criminal law and reimburses the State Bank (Department of Payments, The National Establishment of the Housing Bank in the provinces and towns in the localities); At the same time, you inform the cardholder in writing of the status of the investigation and complaint request. The handling of the results of the investigation and complaints is the responsibility of the competent authorities.